HPT® for Women

HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation

Is a revolutionary semi-permanent micro-pigmenting technique that offers an alternative option for women suffering from hair loss who are not appropriate candidates for hair transplant surgery and who may currently be using alternative hair loss solutions such as hair concealers or systems which can be time consuming to apply and costly to maintain. HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation involves the use of a digitally controlled needle which applies medical grade hypoallergenic colour pigment into the scalp. As well as female pattern or diffuse hair loss, HPT® can create the illusion of hair for patients suffering from a host of scalp conditions including scarring alopecia’s, alopecia areata, totalis and universalis, as well as hair loss due to injuries and burns or disguising surgery scars.

HPT® for female hair loss

We understand how devastating this condition can be for women, in particular, who often feel self-conscious and isolated when experiencing hair loss. However, female hair loss is a problem that is effecting an ever-increasing number of women due to modern lifestyles and varying medical conditions. HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation has immediate results and will create the illusion of thicker hair, taking the focus away from the scalp or bare patches and reduces the time and pressure of having to hide these thinning or bare patches under headwear or ensuring your hairstyle is always ‘exact’ to cover these areas.



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