Your HPT® Consultation

At HAIR ink. we take a holistic approach to our consultation process. We understand how devastating hair loss can be for our patients and the potential impact this can have on self- image and emotional wellbeing.

During your free consultation we will discuss your hair loss history and get to understand more about your needs, lifestyle and expectations. Only by doing this can we recommend the best hair loss treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

As our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the wide variety of hair loss causes and treatments available, they are well placed to give a holistic recommendation for the best hair loss solution, or course of treatment, that is right for you. In a number of cases this will be HPT® scalp-micro-pigmentation, as the majority of our patients we see and treat have already explored other hair loss solutions. However, for a few patients the best course of treatment will be HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation in combination with another solution e.g. hair restoration surgery, or not HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation at all.

Prior to your consultation we will send you detailed FAQ information, so when you meet with your consultant you will already be well informed about the treatment and how we like to work with our patients. We always ensure that you are 100% happy and fully understand the treatment before we would agree to working with any patient.

During your consultation you will have the opportunity to view case studies of our patients who have undergone HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation, view their results and ask any further questions or concerns you may have about the treatment.

We will have a detailed discussion to find out what you want to achieve in terms of colour, density and hairline. If you are still unsure we can carry out a small ‘patch test’, on a discrete area of your scalp, which will give a good indication of the right colour and density for the optimal result. Our pigments are hypoallergenic. Therefore, allergic reactions are extremely rare and, to date, none of our patients have had an adverse reaction to HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation.

Together we will decide the best treatment plan for you. We believe this should be a collaborative approach, as ultimately it is you who will be living with your chosen ‘look’ and it is important that the style reflects how you wish to be perceived by the world.

We do not believe in the ‘hard sell’. We will not chase you after your consultation because if HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation is the right solution for you, we do not feel the need to persuade you.

Our priority throughout the consultation process is to ensure that we explain, educate and inform you of all the available options and possible outcomes to help can make an informed decision that is right for you.

But don’t just take our word for it. Please feel free to read our testimonials from patients that we have helped to make the right hair loss solution choice for them.